STBA – Short Term Benefit Advance Contact Number

Are you waiting for your Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance benefit claim to be assessed?

If so you are able to telephone for a Short Term Benefit Advice.

Free STBA | Short Term Benefit Advance Telephone Number 0345 608 8545


What is a Short Term Benefit Advance?
  • It is an advance of benefit whilst you wait for your claim to be processed
  • It is paid at 60% of the standard benefit rate
  • It is paid on a per day basis ( if your due your benefit in 6 days the maximum STBA will be 5 days.)


How much can the Loan be??

The loans are made against you rbenefit entitlement and you must repay them at the agreed rate from your benefit.

You can apply for a STBA | Short Term Banefit Advice using the Free 0345 Telepnon number 0345 608 8545

Unfortunately there is no form ( that we can find) for this, it seems that you have to call the DWP and declare that you have a financial need – and then, assuming that you meet the above eligibility criteria, you SHOULD be offered a Short Term Benefit Advance and details taken at that stage.
Information on how this is supposed to work is sparse, so please feel free to share your experiences below so that we can build up a detailed picture of how this is working in practice.

6 Responses

  1. Joanna Marshall says:

    Can someone tell me the address for universal credit

  2. Joanna Marshall says:

    Fort time is 6 wks there after every month for payments

  3. Alex mcgougan says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me when I will get a payment

  4. Philip mckenna says:

    I have made a claim 5 weeks ago and it out mw though to unaversal cradit but thn coz I didn’t I have my own bank account thw say I cudnt claim that and I haven’t had no money for 5 weeks when I was expecting months money and owe out for bills etc is ther any help I could get to get sum type payment

    • Philip mckenna says:

      It is keep putting me onto unaversal credit as it says Iam in postcode area aswell and I haven’t got my own bank so carnt have tht and it’s letting me just go ahead with job seekers

  5. David J. Ratcliff says:

    Can I apply on line as I don’t have any credit on my phone. I applied a few weeks back, so you should have my details on file.

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