Universal Credit Helpline

Today we can confirm that Univeral Credits administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have officially adopted 0345 telephone numbers for their customer service networks, making calls now free* (*when you have inclusive minutes).

Universal Credit Helpline
0800 328 5644

This is great news as it means that customers who want to contact Department for Work and Pensions  to check on Universal Credit (UC)  applications, notify a change of address, complain or who need general advice won’t be charged for calls from BT Landlines and will be able to use inclusive Mobile minutes without incurring any additional costs.


Primary Benefit Line Old 0845 Number 0345 Number
National 0845  600 07230800 328 5644

HMRC have closed public acces lines in the last 24 hours- we are working to obtain an alternative
Whilst the 0845 telephone numbers do remain operational, DWP have started taking steps to change all official correspondence so that they reflect the new and potentially cheaper/FREE 0345 telephone service.

24 Responses

  1. freddy martin says:

    useless helpline for universal creditphoned three times and when the automated service requested my postcode it went back to the beginning and then said this call will now end

  2. Ellie says:

    My mobile cannot connect to the 0345 600 0723 number – my provider (02) may have blocked it as I made several calls on the day I signed on including DWP and HMRC and I was charged £15 to a premium cost number and I contested it. I cannot however call the number on my landline as I only have free calls after 7pm which is when this line closes. Surely this number should be free considering its a line for benefits.

  3. Joanna Marshall says:

    What is the address for universal credit for sending my Sick line in.
    Thanks from
    Joanna marshall

  4. James Croucher says:

    Hi I recently applied for Universal Credit two days ago but I wish to withdraw the application before my claim starts, how do I go about getting this cancelled?


    • DWP Worker says:

      Maybe try contacting DWP? You wouldn’t go to Farmfoods to change your Sky subscription, so why would you come on here to cancel your claim? Nugget

  5. Shaz says:

    Universal credit is the worst payment plan ever hate it !; just kill it off

  6. Jessica says:

    I put one wrong letter in my email address on universal credit form online and 2 weeks later and I still can’t get into anything and I’m worried sick because I didn’t put my housing benefit what I need on the form and no one can help me this is a terrible benefit system it’s caused me nothing but stress worry sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts

  7. Peter Oltersdorf says:

    Near getting evicted from my home due to difficulties with housing element payment not being paid. Edinburgh council view is that this is my problem. Have evidence, rent statements and bank statements. No pay by Dwp.

  8. 262/5000
    Good day. Universal Credit received for job seekers. I have not found employment since November. I would like to seek work in their country and collect universal credit in Poland. Can I get the appropriate forms to fill out the Job Center Plus?

  9. Sharon Gordon says:

    letter sent to wrong address, Claimant may be sanctioned due to DWP incompetence.

  10. Kevin hicks says:

    who do i inform when i am about to start a new job and need to sign off and claim any outstanding benefits and back to work grant which i think is one hundred pounds etc.

    • admin says:

      Well done Kevin, you simply need to fill in your ES40 signing on card and return it to the Jobcentre, make sure you tick the box about the job lasting 5 weeks plus ( if that is the case) to qualify for a job grant and extended housing benefit.

      A Job Grant is a tax-free lump sum. You may be eligible for a Job Grant if you have been receiving one of the following benefits:

      Jobseeker’s Allowance
      Employment and Support Allowance
      Income Support
      Incapacity Benefit
      Severe Disablement Allowance
      Training Allowance payments where the allowance is based on Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance or Severe Disablement Allowance
      You will need to have been receiving benefit continuously for more than six months and starting work of more than 16 hours per week, or 24 hours for partners. The work must be expected to last for at least five weeks.

      You’ll automatically get Job Grant if you’re eligible. You just need to make sure you tell your Social Security/Jobs & Benefit Office that you’re starting work. You’ll be paid in the same way as you were paid your benefit.

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