01 Call Costs / Charges From Landline & Mobile

The typical calling costs for calling 01 Numbers (also known as geographic number) from the UK can be found below. If you have inclusive minutes 01 numbers are treated in the same way as 02 and 03 telephone numbers, meaning that they part of your inclusive minutes for both landline and mobile.
For landlines there is normally also a call set-up fee, and call charges are dependent on the time of day. Most providers offer call packages that allow calls free of charge at certain times of the day (eg. weekends).

Landline ProviderCostLink to Tariff
BT10p per minuteAll tariffs
EE30p-40p per minuteAll tariffs
O235p-40p per minuteAll tariffs
Sky Talk10p per minuteAll tariffs
TalkTalk12p per minuteAll tariffs
Virgin Media11p per minuteAll tariffs
Vodafone30p-45p per minuteAll tariffs
Mobile ProviderCost
3 (three)3p per minute
Allpay Mobile15p per minute
ASDA Mobile8p per minute
C Mobile14p per minute
Delight Mobile3p per minute
Econet10p Per Minute
Freedomtalk8p per minute
iCard Mobile8p per minute
Lomo Mobile10p per minute
LycaMobile15p per minute
OVIVO Mobile8p Per Minute
SainsburyÕs8p per minute
Smart Pinoy10p per minute
TalkMobile Essentials8p per minute
Talkxtra7p per minute
Tello3p Per Minute
Tesco Lite8p per minute
The PeopleÕs Operator12.5p per minute
T-Mobile30p per minute
Tru36p per minute
Victory Mobile4p Per Minute
Virgin Mobile Simply8p per minute
Vodafone30p per minute
AfriMobile10p per minute
Banana Mobile14p Per Minute
Dialog Vizz9p per minute
DiDa Mobile10p per minute
Donate Mobile20p per minute
EE30p per minute
Family Mobile8p per minute
Giffgaff10p per minute
GT Mobile3p per minute
Kontakt Mobile9p per minute
Lebara Mobile19p per minute
Now Mobile10p per minute
O235p per minute
Orange35p per minute
RSPCA Mobile14p per minute
Simple Call Mobile4p per minute
Talk Home Mobile10p per minute
TalkMobile Rewards25p per minute
Tesco Mobile25p per minute
The Co-operative Mobile8p per minute
Vectone15p per minute
Virgin Mobile26p per minute
White Mobile6p per minute
Wildlife Mobile18p per minute

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    I have received an e mail from virgin media today stating that my standing order has changed and you cannot get any payment.I find this hard to understand as I have not been with your company for years .please e mail as soon as possible.

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