0345 Call Cost

Call Costs to 0345 Telephone Numbers
The typical calling costs for calling 0345 Numbers from the UK can be found below.
If you have inclusive minutes 03 numbers are treated in the same way as 01 and 02 telephone numbers, meaning that they part of  your inclusive minutes 

NetworkTypical CostLink to Tariff
BT10p per minuteAll tariffs
EE30p-40p per minuteAll tariffs
O235p-40p per minuteAll tariffs
Sky Talk10p per minuteAll tariffs
TalkTalk12p per minuteAll tariffs
Three3p-35p per minuteAll tariffs
Virgin Media11p per minuteAll tariffs
Virgin Mobile35p-40p per minutePay monthly | PAYG 
Vodafone30p-45p per minutePay monthly | PAYG 

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  1. Andrea Lewis says:

    Are 0345 numbers included in your package with vodafone?

  2. MICHAEL says:


  3. john says:

    What does it cost to call 0330 numbers on a virgin pay monthly mobile ?

  4. Peter Keegan says:

    are 0845 numbers free from virgin house phones

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