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Whilst most mobile Companies don’t charge extra for making calls to 0345 Numbers a small minority do make and additional charge. Below you will find mobile providers and information relating to charges that they make for calling 0345 numbers from your Mobile phone. So far we have noted that the only restrictions listed by the major mobile networks are around call timings, for example Sky allow free calls from their mobile network for up-to 59 minutes.


Tax Credits Helpline Phone Number

Today we can confirm that Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits administered by the HMRC have officially adopted 0345 phone numbers for their customer service networks, making calls now free* (when you have inclusive minutes)....

0345 Mobile Call Charges / Costs 8

0345 Mobile Call Charges / Costs

Whilst all Mobile Phone Service Providers treat 0345 Numbers in the same way as they treat Telephone Numbers that begin with 01 or 02 and allow you to call these numbers within your inclusive...