Thomson Contact Number

Thomson Customer Service Number:
01733 224808


Thomson holiday is one of the established travel and holiday operating companies based in UK. The company is offering great deals for holidays and travels. They are also running an independent airline company. Thomson holiday always provides you any help and ensure that their customers are getting the best service from them.

The customer service team will always come with an easy and quick solution for your problems.You can contact them by a phone call or an email. Or else you can visit the nearest Thomson store or contact them by posting a letter.

Contact Information for Customer Care and Complaint Registration.

You can contact the customer care team by sending a letter to the following address.

  • After Travel Customer Support
    Thomson Holidays
    Wigmore House
    Wigmore Lane
    LU2 9TN

For getting a proper response from Thomson, you have to show a little bit of patience and wait for some days. If you are not receiving a response for more than four weeks, you have to inform the company about the issue. For getting a fast reply; you have to include maximum details in the letter such as the contact information, booking reference, holiday details, hotel name, etc.

If you have any problem with the services, send a letter to the below address.

  • After Travel Customer Support
    Thomson Holidays
    Wigmore House
    Wigmore Lane
    LU2 9TN

Contact Information for Bookings and Holidays Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding the service of Thomson Package Holidays & Thomson Accommodation, you can contact them at 01733 224808. You can discuss your issue with the company executive. You can check the availability and book a holiday with them. If you booked a holiday, call on 02034512688 to know more details. The same number you can use for paying the amount also. If you want to get details about the group bookings, you can contact at 02034512684.

Contact Number of Thomson Cruise

For getting any general information regarding Thomson Cruise, you can call on the number 01733 224808. You can use this number for booking a holiday or checking the availability in the cruise. If you want to enquire about the existing booking or if you want to make any payment, you can contact at 02034512725.

Contact Numbers for Thomson Airways in Different Places

The United Kingdom – 02034512695

Austria  – 019289598

France – (01)70708136

Ireland – 012477723

Italy  – (02)36003582

Portugal – 214159122

Spain – (91)4141481

Netherlands – 0207121384

Czech – 239000331.

Contact Number for Emergency

If you are not able to communicate with any of your friends or family members who are on holiday with Thomson, you can call on the number 02034512688. They will give you the details about the resort where your closed ones are staying including the name of the hotel and the contact number. The emergency number is available on the backside of the brochure.

Complaint Registration

If you are facing any issues, you can file a complaint by filling an online form. For this, you have to visit “” While writing the letter, try to include maximum possible details about you such as the holiday date, hotel name, reference number, etc. You can also discuss the complaint with the customer care team by making a phone call on the number 02034512699. They will contact you back after finding a suitable solution for your problem.

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