BT Call Protect – Stop nuisance calls free for BT customers

BT now provides a free service called Call Protect to its landline customers in an effort to crackdown on nuisance calls. In a case study released by BT it said on average each customer received 4 nuisance calls a week with 60% finding these calls to be stressful and annoying.

Yesterday, BT launched the new BT Call Protect service to help customers avoid these annoying calls by diverting these calls to a “junk” voicemail.

BT have a special department who analyse mass amount of data to identify these nuisance calls and divert them to the junk voicemail. Not only this, BT customers can now also blacklist individual numbers they don’t want to receive calls from via BT Call Protect. You can also manage your settings by calling 1572 from your landline completely free.

The best part? BT Call Protect is being offered completely free for all BT landline customers!

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  1. Reeve says:

    It is not free is one only has a standard telephone with no visual display, like most pensioners. If talktalk can do it then so should BT?

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