ESA Contact Number Free 0345 0800

Employment And Support Allowance (ESA) have officially adopted 0345 / 0800 telephone numbers for their customer service networks, making calls now free when you have inclusive minutes. You can now use the contact number below.

FREE* Employment And Support Allowance
0800 169 0310


“This is great news as it means that customers who want to contact Employment And Support Allowance (ESA) to check on a benefit applications, notify a change of address, complain or who need general advice won’t be charged for calls from BT Landlines and will be able to use inclusive Mobile minutes without incurring any additional costs.”




Whilst the 0845 telephone numbers do remain operational, Employment And Support Allowance (ESA) have started taking steps to change all official correspondence so that they reflect the new and potentially cheaper telephone service.

*See for costs

154 Responses

  1. Chel says:

    If you are in the ESA support group, do You need to continue sending in sick notes?

  2. emily says:

    Hi my Emily I need to no if I get my esa tomz because I have no money to phone please can sum one call my back please

    • Cherie says:

      Hi thre I was on pip but got taken off.. Just woundering if this will affect my esa I’ve not heard anything frm the esa saying so but just worried as sometimes they dnt tell u.

  3. Leanne says:

    I’m Currently without a phone and can not contact them. Is there no email address? I’ve been discussed with all benefit system this far

  4. Winston says:

    Me need moneys fo da greens.

  5. alan says:

    hi i am looking for a contact number to transfer my esa claim over to jsa please?

  6. ken says:

    A very poor service , considering it’s a government site . I just tried to check if my questionnaire had been received and as usual was given the run around , i dialed 0800 055 6688 and was given the 0345 608 8545 number . I told the machine i wanted to talk about ESA ( Taking the precaution to say Employment and Support Allowance form ) . The wonderful technology that is so much better than a human at understanding the English language , started talking to me about ( JSA ) , Did not give me options 1-5 , thanked me for calling and hung up .

  7. Joshua lynch says:

    I need to contact the esa helpline but the number isn’t a free number it’s urgent I speak to someone

  8. Lynne Harrison says:

    Can u e mail ESA haven’t had 2 payments? And can’t get through

  9. mary cook says:

    I have no money to call ESA please help

    • Angela says:

      Hi my name is miss brookfield I dropped a sick note in to the Southampton job centre did you get it please let me no thanks

  10. Adam says:

    Am looking for someone to get back in touch with about my esa claim

    • admin says:

      Hi Adam,

      You can call the ESA section on 0345 608 8545 during office hours. They do offer a semi-call-back service un that if they can’t answer your query when you initially call them the call centre will send an email to the processing section and ask that they call you back.

      • Pamela ravenscroft says:

        I am awaiting my Esa benefits and also payment areas due to a successfully tribunal award ..I have been waiting nearly 4 wks since the award and not heard nothing .. can you please tell me how long this will take ..I was awarded on 19th July and still not heard anything ..thanx

        • admin says:

          Give the ESA section a call and be ready to send a copy of the letter that you got from the tribunal to them as they often get the notification weeks after the event.

          • eddie says:

            That’s a joke…. I’ve been on hold for 3 hours lol

          • anna says:

            I have sent esa all my pay slips ect and still haven’t received them i tried ringing four times in one week to be on hold for over half hour leaving me with no credit on my phone olease contact my email i have waited weeks now with no reply by phone or in writing its ridiculous this

        • Susan Mounsey says:

          I need a urgent call back please re: Atos losing my paperwork for my excisting ESA claim i have details of their receipt of this paperwork from Royal Mail i e date, time & name of person that signed for it.

      • anna says:

        I want my details back from yous and you cant even answer the fone

        • driplogic says:

          It does appear that someone has taken at least one apostrophe from you… here it is ‘ along with a free P and a H.

          • Criminal Justice says:

            I do not expect to use sarcasm when replying to a customers enquiries. I expect an apology to your customer to be added here for my viewing and I will be in touch with your department head to find out who was actually responsible for the above comment.

      • Euphemia campbell says:

        I’ve been trying to get through on this number but keep getting cut of after 8 mins, is there a problem with telephone line?

    • Derek says:

      I recived a txt from dwp today saying they have received my fit not and thete will be no no to send another until further notice.
      does this mean I no longer need sick I have been doing every three months for the last 19 months ?

    • can some ring me about my esa plz

    • davies says:

      Were paying there eages,,,, thats why your on an hour,,, bardaric

      • No wonder they didn’t reply, if u want them to reply it might be a good idea to learn to spell in ENGLUND.
        We don’t pay their aeges, we pay their wages. Also the word bardaric was probably written by a barbarian like yourself. Ya numbnut. No wonder people can’t get through when the lines are clogged by brain dead twats like you!

        • chris davis says:

          Maybe you could learn to spell England ????

          • Colin Fox says:


          • ras says:

            You are rude and I can bet your racist do you know loads for English visit Barbados and some live there and they make mistake spelling like anyone els is not because the person is from Barbados that they are dum is the level of socall education loads over here can’t spell and do you know that barbados have the highest education level in the world do some research you flesh eating walking dead check yourself before you insult other clearly you lack education that why you are on ESA lol

        • Danielle says:

          That’s a bit fukin harsh bit of racism there ain’t there u fukin twat just cus people r foreign and can’t type English properly dies not mean there brain dead u insensitive dick

          • Colin says:

            I think you need some serious counselling if you are unable to express yourself without using gutter language

        • Mark Rothera says:

          Just read you reply to a Mr Davies…top pickles is all I can say!

        • les says:

          as most things on here pertain to dissability hen you might give a though to possible reasons why the spelling might not be perfect

          or doesnt that make sense to you

        • Criminal Justice says:

          was there any need for that. why, really, do you feel better now you have taken your frustration out on another individual in need of help. bet your really proud of yourself. what actually makes you better than the person you ridiculed????????

      • Emma Roydes says:

        Thick f**k

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