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Throughout our comments sections people are asking if it is possible to contact benefit sections like jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support allowance and Income support at the DWP by email.

The answer is Yes and No…. the DWP do not offer claimants the option of corresponding by email at the moment however it is possible to send a direct email to the manager of the Benefit Centre dealing with your application.

Sending and email to the benefit Centre manager is a sure way of getting a complaint listened to!

The DWP use a standard method of assigning email addresses to staff and as such if you know the first and 2nd name of a member of staff you can send them and email directly!

Please note that they are very unlikely to respond by email due to the data protection act but if you include your telephone number or enough information about your complaint to enable them to investigate and call you back then we have found that they will.

All DWP email address end with: and start with the 1st name then a ( . ) and the surname of the officer. As an example a manager called John Smith will have the email address [email protected].

So all you have to do is look at one of the letters sent to you by either the jobcentre or benefit section dealing with your claim and find the 1st named officer to guess an email address that will get you through.

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  1. clare potter says:

    I do not know where to turn I an in receipt of ESA only I tried to committee suicide last week and whilst unconscious I was burgled and all my money withdrawn from the post office. The police are involved but I am left destitute. I do not have access to phone the DWP and am in desperate nedd of help. Please can someone advise me thankyou

    • Yasmin says:

      Have you tried calling the crisis team in your area? They might be able to help you on what to do or where to go, since you are clearly in need of support. I have been in contact with them previously and they showed me where to apply and for what. Also if you are comfortable on the phone you could try calling citizens advice?
      I hope everything works out for you though, take care

  2. Cheryl Stephens says:

    I’m due to go to hospital to have a op done in October just wandering if I be fit to do work I’m on work related group ESA or not fit for work

  3. kim jones says:

    can i get a esa form sent out in the post as i find it difficult to talk on the phone

  4. Nikoleta says:

    what can i do if I dont know the name of that person with who I spoke… I have to send fit note and i dont know the email address….. Somebody can help me please?

  5. Lorna Stevenson says:

    what is the freepost address to send forms back to kilmarnock esa

  6. Robert Collinson says:

    As a private landlord , who has a tenant on UC with 1payment received last month. Will I receive any correspondence from UC admin giving details of future payments , dates ect

    • Vinny says:

      No. You can enquire if the person has given their permission for you to be given details, otherwise, data protection laws restrict access to other people’s personal details.

  7. Roy Wilson says:

    what is bathgate benefit centers fax number please

  8. katy kays says:

    Why do you need my ex partners signature on a budget loan form when ive been a single parent for over a year?

    • admin says:

      If you are both living at the same address the Budgeting loan team MAY have considered that you are still living together. However, the form does ask that both applicants sign the form, if you do not have a partner then simply sign your bit and send it back.

  9. elaine fuller says:

    why hasnt my money gone into my bank!!!!

  10. Ellen J. Rodger says:

    Remove a person that’s down on my address has c/o

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