BT price increase incoming on all services in April

BT is set to increase pricing across the board for existing customers from 2nd April, and customers will also be billed to watch BT Sport which was previously inclusive to some packages for free.

Standard/ADSL BT broadband customers will be paying £2 a month extra while BT Infinity (Fibre) customers will be paying an extra £2.50 a month. In addition to this, there will be additional 1p charge per minute on landline and mobile calls.

One significant change comes to BT Sport, previously included for free will now be charged to all customers. Those with BT TV services will now need to pay £3.50 a month for next year. BT broadband customers who use a Sky TV to watch BT sport will pay £1.50 extra and Sky TV customers watching BT Sport will pay an extra £1 a month.

As per the Ofcom rules, customers will have 30 days the date of notification letter to leave BT penalty fee even if you are in contract.

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