Are 0345 Numbers Free From Mobiles?

So, when calling an 0345 Number from a Mobile is it free? Yes and No…

Most mobile phone companies have accepted recent legislation that forces companies to treat telephone number that start 03 in the same way as numbers that begin 01 and 02, this means that they are charged at local rate dispite not actually being geographical numbers.

we have checked ther terms an conditions of the largets UK telecoms providors and found that 99% of them will allow you to call 0345 Numbers within your inclusive minutes, the exeption is Sky Talk – who insist that whilst the first 59:59 are within your allowance, any calls that last longer than this will incurr a charge and that this charge is then applied to the entire call!

If you are a sky customer and have to make a call to an 0345 number it is worth noting the time that the call started and if it seems like you will over run ask that the opperator call you back or ask for a direct telephone number so that you can end the call and get back to the agent without running over the 1 hour limit applied.

it is likley that Sky will fall into line with all of the other mobile operators and allow all calls no matter how long they last to remain free from mobiles- but until then  keep an eye on that clock!

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