Are 0345 Numbers Free?

Since the Government announced new legislation aimed at making it simpler for consumers to contact companies for after sales service without incurring additional cost, their seems to be quite a lot pp


f confusion as to what is an what is not covered.

In short, calls to 0345 numbers are “inclusive” rather than ‘free’. Where this is the case, you will not pay anything extra to call them.
Companies who operate call centres have been forced to swap costly 08 numbers for 03 numbers that are charged at geographical rates.
If you are paying a per-minute rate for calls to 0345 numbers, you are probably paying too much for these calls. Check with your provider for a better deal, or change provider.


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  1. Coco says:

    ‘Surely the answer should be Yes. Or No’ Quite – The DWP trumpets that calls will be cheaper, but there is still a charge, whether it is an inclusive charge or not. An hour a day on 0345 means an hour a day less on calls to loved ones, for whom I bought those free minutes. It used to cost nothing to have face to face contact, now it may be a twenty mile round trip or the use of 0345. Is this really an improvement or just a cost saving, and transferring, exercise by our lords and masters?

  2. Andrew mah says:

    Actually, inclusive simply you have already forced to pay up front with your inclusive minutes! King Trump calls it “Stupid”

  3. as clear as mud are 0345 numbers free or not

  4. David Quinn says:

    Please …is 0345 numbers free or not .
    Surely the answer should be Yes. Or No

  5. Ian says:

    BT mobile charge 35ppm and will not include as it part of inclusive minutes..

  6. why have i not been payed my esa

  7. Ian says:

    A distinct ‘local rate’ hasn’t existed since 2004.

    Calls to 03 numbers are ‘inclusive’ else charged at ‘geographic rate’.

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