BT Call Costs to 0345 Numbers

The cost of calling a 0345 Number from a BT Landline is the same as calling a telephone that has a local prefix and this includes 01, 02 and 03 Telephone Numbers

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  1. Michael Wakeford says:

    I have “evenings & weekends free.’
    Am I obliged to wait for the evening/weekend before I can use an 03 number for free?

  2. Malcolm Scghofield says:

    my bank has changed its query number from 0845 to 0345. Is this number free with my package of free calls any time

  3. John Gardener says:

    Are calls to 0345 numbers free if you have the BT anytime package?

  4. Peter says:

    Where do I find a list of numbers I cannot use on my BT phone essentials package without incurring additional charges

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