Is it free to call 0345 from Virgin Media?

Calling 0345 From on Talk virgin Media

Yes, it is free to call 0345 from Virgin Media
Virgin Media accept that 0345 Numbers are to be charged at the standard local rate, this means that if your are on contract or Virgin Media Pay As You Go calls to 0345 Numbers are within you inclusive price plan and as long as you have minutes left will not incur an extra charge.

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  1. why is it not on my bill as a dialed number

  2. Marian blanchflower says:

    We have free calls after seven o clock does this include 0345 numbers

  3. Ian says:

    We have free anytime landline calls so does this include 0345 Numbers

  4. I have free weekend calls with Virgin,would the following number be free at weekends?
    0333 003 7777

    • admin says:

      Hi Mick

      In short yes, all 03 numbers are charged at what used to be local rate and as such treated in just the same way as numbers starting with 01 or 02

  5. Ellen Ralph says:

    0345 835 3500 how much does it cost to call this number from my landline if i have weekend inclusive calls? calling on a weekday

    • admin says:

      Hi Ellen

      In Short, this call will cost you 11.35 pence per minute.

      Your package allows 0345 calls to be classed as inclusive only at the weekend.. during the week they are charged at the standard rate for geographical numbers.

      UK landlines∆
      (numbers beginning 01, 02 or 03, not other numbers such as 084, 070)
      a minute

      a minute

      Virgin call costs WITHIN your package

    • Ruth Wilkins says:

      I cannot ring from my landline and call cost are not clear what they are from a from a non virgin phone, poor information on website as to this cost it is assumed we all have land and mobile with virgin, which I do not and have to ring from my works number so cost is critical, especially if I am on hold for any length of time , can’t even see an email address to correspond with, probably buried amongst all the other blurb.. Come on Virgin, open up the true costs!!!

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