HSBC Customer Service Contact number

03457 404 404

HSBC Bank Plc

It is one of the most established financial and banking services available all over the world. They have more than 7500 offices in 80 countries. Also, in territories in the Middle East, America, Asia and in Europe. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of the company, and it is working to satisfy all its customers.

You can ask your queries anytime; the company will be available anytime to provide you proper assistance. If you want to get more details about HSBC and to join with them, just visit

HSBC Customer Service – HSBC Contact Number

You can contact the customer care number of HSBC any time, and they will give any help you needed. You can contact the number 0345 0600 2290 and if you are calling from abroad, use the number +441226261226 between 8 am and 10 pm apart from Boxing day, Christmas day and the New Year’s day.

They will monitor or divert your call for future references. If you are not a customer of HSBC, you can use the number 6040626.

If you planning to relocate to abroad, you can call the number  08456076706 for any advice.

Contact Number to make an appointment

For getting any advice regarding your financial transactions, you can contact at 08000324710, every day between 8 AM and 10 PM.

If you need to activate your credit card, you can contact 08007835263, and you can speak with the customer service team for the credit card.

HSBC Customer Service

For any details regarding using the card, contact 0345 7404 404. You can also visit

HSBC Contact Number

For solving your any queries about money, you can contact 0345 850 0622 and they will give you proper advice.

HSBC Contact Customer Service

For getting any assistance from the customer care team of HSBC, just send a mail to the following address.

  • The Customer Care Team
    HSBC Bank plc
    PO Box 6125

Don’t forget to write your address and phone number on the back of the envelope while sending the mail. It will help the company to revert soon.

If you wish to talk in person, it will be better to visit any of the HSBC branch nearby and ask the questions directly. For finding the nearest branches of HSBC, visit “

HSBC Bereavement Help

If you are having any question regarding bereavement, contact at 08000851992. When calling from any other part than UK, use the number +44(0)1142520249.Or you can call to the number 8500088 also if you want to know any general information.

The mail address for contacting HSBC is given below.

  • District Service Centre
    HSBC Bank plc
    Harry-Weston Road


HSBC Complaints

If you have any complaint regarding the service of HSBC, you are able to contact HSBC in several ways. If you are a premiere customer, you have to contact at 03457707070, and if you are a business customer, you can use 0345606060 or +441226260878. If you are not a customer of HSBC, you have to use the numbers 03456040626 or +441226261010.

You can send the complaints by email also to the id “[email protected]” Remember, write down your address and phone number in the envelope which will help the HSBC team to revert immediately.



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