Boots Customer Service Contact Number

Boots have officially adopted 0345 telephone numbers for their customer service networks.

Boots Contact Number
0345 070 8090

This is great news as it means that customers who want to contact Boots the Chemist and who need general advice won’t be charged for calls from BT Landlines and will be able to use inclusive Mobile minutes without incurring any additional costs.

Telephone Boots customer service advisers by phoning their local- speed contact number 0345 070 8090 or by telephoning this alternate helpline 0870 025 0263. These customer service helplines are suitable to get a refund to get a specific product and also to supply feedback to Boots about their services for assessing if your local Boots store comes with an item in inventory. If you’re a Boots Pharmacy customer you must also telephone 0345 070 8090, and you wish to test in case your prescription is in-store to purchase your medication from Boots or.

Phoning Boots from a mobile phone will probably be free of charge if you’re employing free minutes which can be a part of your phone contract or tariff bundle.
Contact by calling their customer service number 0345 609 0055 about your order, to check the on-line stock availability or to alter your delivery time then telephone 0345 609 0055. You also ought to telephone 0345 609 0055 if you’ve got a question about the Boots Advantage Card points or if you need technical support for your account.

Boots Online Pharmacy

Phone the Boots Online Pharmacy customer services by phoning 0345 301 4219. You should phone this customer support helpline in the event you’ll need a one off Boots prescription or whenever you must make an alteration to your own repeat prescription service. You can even telephone 0345 301 4219 to get troubleshooting guidance on your online pharmacy account or to make a Boots on-line practice appointment. The Boots Online Pharmacy contact number is accessible 8:30am-7:00 pm weekdays and 8:45am-5:00 pm on weekends.

Boots Complaints
Telephone Boots on their contact number that is switchboard 0115 950 6111 to create a claim of the Boots service you might have gotten or an associate of staff. However in case your criticism is all about the supervisor afterward please telephone 0115 950 6111, should you’ve got a gripe concerning the service you’ve got gotten in a Boots store then please talk to the supervisor of such one store.

Boots Opticians
By phoning their general inquiries phone number 0345 125 3752 telephone Boots Opticians. You need to call 0345 125 3752 to reserve an eye test appointment that is opticians, to request Boots about which particular eye care products are offered at Boots, to reorder contact lenses or to get your Boots eyeglasses fixed. You can even reserve a Boots Opticians appointment on the internet by filling out an official appointment request form at:

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