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  1. ken willoughby says:

    Since Feb 5th I cannot get CH 46-Challenge or CH 70-Horror and I have completely lost CH’s 331 and 335. I have done everything it says but cannot get them back, I have restarted the box 4 times but that doesn’t work. Sometimes when I am watching BT Sports I lose the programme and have to restart everything-WHY? I have contacted you before about this and you have done nothing but if it continues for another 7 days I will leave BT and subscribe to some one else!

  2. ISAAC AFFLU says:

    my land line receiver is not working. There is no sound coming through. I complained to your customer services and I was told it is due to the telephone base which is faulty. I was advised to buy a new phone. I have bought a new phone but I have the same problem. I complained again and I was told the problem is due to the faulty external line and that this would be flagged up for repairs. It is now 5 days and the fault has not been rectified.

  3. Sammuel Makanaka says:

    Need someone from bt to call me I need a broadband in my house

  4. matthew bell says:

    I have recently applied for sky broadband package. Upon bt intalallation engineers arrival I was told I would not be able to receive a phone line or broadband and a surveyer would be sent out. I live on a residential caravan park of which half of the site has phone lines and broadband. Would you please help me with this problem.

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