FREE | E.ON Contact Number 0345

EON have adopted the 0345 number which is free when using inclusive minutes from your landline or mobile. Call them on the number below for general enquiries about their gas & electricity supply, price information


Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday 8am – 6pm
Prepayment meter 0345 303 3040
Enquiry about Smart Pay As You Go 0345 366 5996
If you’ve just changed supplier with Prepayment Meter (card/key top up) 0345 302 3473
Make a payment, give meter readings or for questions about your bill 0345 059 9905

2 Responses

  1. NoorBibi Khan says:

    Hi This noorbibi I cannot you’re electric

  2. jean tayor says:

    i have not yet recieved my welcome pack for my change over application was on the 13-3-17 will you please check and let me know when i will recieve it my application was with moneysupermarket

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