Free Child Support Agency (CSA) Contact Number

In line with many Government Departments, the Child Support Agency (CSA) Customer Service line has been moved from an 0845 Number to an 0345 Telephone Number.
This change is in line with recent policy changes around cutting usage costs to benefit claimants when calling to report a change of Circumstances to the Child Support Agency section or when they simply want to chase the progress of an application.

The new Child Support Agency Number is 03457133133

It is worth noting that whilst 0345 Numbers are not technically ‘free’ they are treated in the same way as telephone numbers beginning 01 and 02 and as such will be taken from your inclusive minutes if you are calling from a mobile.

More information about out of plan Mobile Call charges to 0345 Telephone Numbers can be found by following the button below

0345 Mobile Costs

17 Responses

  1. Layla Hedderick says:

    I have just tried calling and asking me to go online. Im still waiting my last payment which is well overdue. I have contacted my ex and he informed me that CSA took it on 17th and I have still not got it. Also letter says that you take it from him on 22nd (Which is clearly not true) so I usually get it latest 25th and theres been no weekends except one just gone but shoukd have recieved it last Friday at the latest. Me and my daughter need that money to live and my ex is offering no sypport what so ever to try and get this resolved, Just tells me its my problem. I want my money paid into my account today and someone to contact me regarding this otherwise I an taking this further. Thankyou

  2. ?? says:

    who do i speak to was told after 14year my clam was haded over to enforcement team and how do i complaine to that out of 14 year iv only recevied about 2 months payment and the dad just gets away with NOT paying even tho his deb is up to 70,000.00 and i phone and speak to someone and they give me wrong number i first put claim in 2002 my son is now 16 i think this is a abslut dissgrasse

  3. dean says:

    just want to speak to someone to tell me when I can stop paying? government already stung me with 2 more years. service only works for mums. not dads.

  4. julia says:

    They make you wait a long time so that they earn money be it less than the 0845 number

  5. Ian Smith says:

    The 03457133133 number works and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you.

  6. A phone number that tells you to press press n press to then say go on Internet for regional area number !!! Waste my day even bloody more !!

  7. Katie N says:

    I keep calling. It says please wait while we connect you to a case worker, I wait and the line goes dead. Can anyone help please?

  8. Please could i have the right csa number

  9. stephen.j.hawtin says:

    have been trying to phone csa for a week and can not get through.would like some informatin

  10. Farnaz says:

    Where is my child support money taking longer than 3 days please contact me regarding my money

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