Free 0345 Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Contact Number

In line with many Government Departments, the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Customer Service line has been moved from an 0845 Number to an 0345 Telephone Number.

This change is in line with recent policy changes around cutting usage costs to benefit claimants when calling to report a change of Circumstances to the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) section or when they simply want to chase the progress of an application.

The new Disability Living Allowance Number is 0345 71 23 456

It is worth noting that whilst 0345 Numbers are not technically ‘free’ they are treated in the same way as telephone numbers beginning 01 and 02 and as such will be taken from your inclusive minutes if you are calling from a mobile.

More information about out of plan Mobile Call charges to 0345 Telephone Numbers can be found by following the button below

0345 Mobile Costs

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    Because of a heartless government changing the goal posts and changing D.L.A to P.I.P…that gave them the green light to STOP or REDUCE sick/disabled peoples money…im furious and frustrated to hell over this…id just got over a long long appeal for D.L.A…then the sneaky tories decided to change it to
    P.I.P…and because I didnt ring a number to claim D.L.A got suspended because I didnt tow the line…im 68 YEARS old & get basic state pension & try my best to look after my poorly she does her
    best for me…because of all the worry over assessments whilst on D.L.A…I was not confident at all claiming P.I.P…so left it…I DID NOT EXPECT TO HAVE ALL MY D.L.A money STOPPED altogether !..£180 per month…cameron said..’if your sick..we’ll look after you’..well you certainly did look after me…cold..callous..and heartless.

  2. Samantha higgins says:

    When is my next payment due??

  3. when is my next payment dur

  4. Quentin Wilston says:

    DLA staff have been cut, 655 Million pounds spent on computers and software that did not work, 450 Million pounds spent on more computers..they failed to cope with the complex requirements of Ian Duncan Smiths dreams. 398 Million pounds spent on communications systems also scrapped as the system was not good enough. 980 Million pounds on other costs associated with ongoing private contracts within DWP , 6.5 BILLION pounds to date spent on private french and american companys to remove as many sick and disabled people from DLA and move 30% only to PIP the rest were/are to be reduced or simply removed from the system. At the moment 400 Million pounds has just been written off due to Universal Credit , another flagship project down the pan as it can only deal with single people in most area’s. DWP had to be taken to court to release the cash being written off but this is ony the tip of the iceberg that we know of ,Most of the money to date has been given to private companys and some are very lucrative to say the least while the poor, sick,disabled,unemployed are being hounded to death (2230 deaths to date linked to DWP, one recently in the Northern part of England directly connected the persons suicide to a “Nasty woman at the Jobcenter plus office in Billingham. when the full picture emerges you will indeed think of Germany 1939 and that is no joke.

  5. patricia mcgahan says:

    i have been on dla for few years now but the end date was 8th aug2016 thought id get a form to renew but it never came so money has stopped can i make a claim again or can i get a renewal

  6. Steph says:

    I have got a disability and all I need to do is change my address and I have been on the phone for 1 hour and 21 min and 30 seconds this is so bad when ur only got to be on the phone the max of 20 min

  7. Is there a free dla number

  8. Sharoncoakley says:

    Icanot believe ive been on to dla for 20mins got through once lady put down the phone then iphoned again didnt notice the time 555pmsnyhowagain someone piked again iwas cut off did notice then it was shut they could of least told me yo ring tomorrow as were shut ifony no left me upset anyway ill be ting 9am tomos lol

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