Natwest Contact Number

Today we can confirm that the Natwest Bank have officially adopted 0345 telephone numbers for their customer service networks.

Natwest Contact Number
03457 888 444

This is great news as it means that customers who want to contact Natwest to chase progress with loan applications, notify changes of circumstances or need general advice won’t be charged for calls from BT Landlines and will be able to use inclusive Mobile minutes without incurring any additional costs.

Whilst the 0845 telephone numbers do remain operational Natwest have started taking steps to change all official correspondence so that they reflect the new and potentially cheaper telephone service.

NatWest Credit Card Customer Service Number
In case you have some questions or concerns about your Natwest Credit Card, telephone NatWest contacts phone number 0370 333 9091. Gold credit card account, dial 0370 333 1993. Private Banking and Platinum Credit Card account, dial 0370 909 3715

NatWest Private Banking Account Contact Number
If you are a private client using a banking manager and you would like to speak to someone, telephone NatWest contact phone number 0333 202 3330. Dial NatWest customer help number 0345 788 8444, in the event you are a private customer without a banking supervisor.

NatWest Business Telephone Contact Number
If you own a business account and wish to talk to your Business Banking advisor, call NatWest contact number helpline 0345 711 4477. If calling from abroad, dial 44 8705 114 477.

NatWest Mortgage Number
In the event, you have general inquiries about mortgage phone NatWest contact phone number 0345 302 0190. Contact 0800 092 9585 number that is free if you might have any inquiry regarding your present mortgage.

NatWest Personal Loan Enquiries
Telephone 0345 366 5502, if you will like to make an inquiry about your present loan.

NatWest Silver Account Number
Should you desire to handle your Silver Account gains on the telephone phone NatWest contact number helpline 0345 601 5219. Ask help from customer service team by calling them on NatWest telephone number 0345 609 0453, if you would like to handle your Platinum Account gains.

Dial 0345 601 7188 to be able to manage your Black Account gains within the telephone.

NatWest Bereavement Service Number
Telephone NatWest customer service number 0800 161 5903 free number if you want help in coping with bereavement. One of the representatives and you will talk about the process, answer any questions that you simply may have, and will arrange an appointment in a branch that is most suitable for you.

NatWest Debt Management Number
When you phone them, they will make time to listen and understand your situation. They are going to discuss your income including any benefits you receive, along with your expenditure including all your bills and outgoings. After that, they will communicate with you regarding the options they have available to aid you.

NatWest Automated Message Security Number
When you have gotten an automated message, telephone NatWest phone number 0800 011 3312 free number. You might get voicemail or a call from them involving your bank account or debit card, to be able to safeguard you.

NatWest Lost or Stolen Card Number
In case cheque book or your card continues to be lost or stolen, report it by calling NatWest contact phone number 0370 600 0459.

NatWest Fraud Contact Number
NatWest customer services number 0800 161 5149 free number when you have found any suspicious actions or transactions in your Private Current account to report. Outside the United Kingdom, call 44 1252 308 047. If phoning outside their opening hours, the number is 0370 600 0459. For Business Current Accounts, phone 0345 300 3986. Dial 0800 161 5153, in the event you must report fraud on your Personal credit card. For Company charge cards, phone 0345 300 4350. If you are phoning from abroad, call +44 1268 508 020.

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  1. Rob says:

    A friend transferred 600 into my ex wifes national Westminster account account last night from her Santander account. My ex wife is living in Romania and cant access her account from there for some reason. Is there anything we can do.

  2. Rob says:

    How do you contact nat west if you don’t have your ten figure number with you.

  3. Laura says:

    Is it free to ring from Vodafone? 03457

  4. dave says:

    should use 0800 these are free with all providers on all contract types, I dont think the same can be said for 0345 numbers

  5. Janet Garside says:

    to check if i have ppi on a loan that is paid off

  6. harry wilson says:

    want you to send atext activation code please

  7. Ian Orchard says:

    I wish to query a payment on my debit card – who do I contact please?

  8. Richard catchoole says:

    Cheque as cleared but not showing as available to use funds

  9. Abacus Insight Ltd says:

    For tax returns I need to print out bank statements from Dec 2014 – Nov 2015. How can I get these? When I go online I am asked for too many details about my account, e.g. debit card number and PIN

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