Virgin Media Contact Number

Virgin Media have adopted 0345 telephone numbers for their customer service networks. You can also use the free contact number or call free from your Virgin Mobile or Virgin Media landline via 150.

Virgin Media Contact Number
0800 052 0422 or 0345 454 1111


My Virgin Media
You can now also manage majority of your Virgin Media account online by signing up to My Virgin Media, you can register by clicking here. Here once signed up you will be able to see your bill, change your direct debit / debit card, upgrade and see latest offers. You will not be able to cancel or downgrade your Virgin Media services online and will need to call in.

Virgin Media Customer Services & Technical Support
Contact Virgin Media customer service team by phoning their free phone number 0345 454 1111; you can also dial ‘150‘ if you are a Virgin Media phone or mobile customer. If you are an existing Virgin Media customer and you have a query about your broadband, phone or Video (including TiVo) package, or you’re having a problem with your service then you definitely should call this helpline. You’ll be able to report support faults and get troubleshooting advice in case you drop your TV image, or your graphic halts, on this number. By calling this helpline, you may also reschedule your Virgin Media engineer appointments.

This primary Virgin Media contact number additionally functions as the central number for Virgin media clients for all inquiries from upgrading your Virgin Media service to cancellations, activating parental controls, reporting unwanted calls, tivo / tv or phone support. You can also get details of your current bill and bundle through this number if you have not signed up to My Virgin Media.

Virgin Mobile Customer Service
Telephone the Virgin Media Mobile helpline on 0345 600 0789. This number is for inquiries relating to Virgin Mobile, to report a stolen or misplaced telephone also to keep your Virgin Media number when changing SIM cards. If you want to update your tariff afterward instead call Virgin Media at no cost on 0800 064 3820. These helplines are open a week a week 8 am- 11 pm.

Pay A Bill
Contact Virgin Media to make a bill pay for the account by phone on their charge helpline 0800 064 3777. You can even telephone this to check your account balance, as well as paying your invoices. This hotline is open 8 am til 11 pm, seven days a week. 0800 number are free to phone from all UK landlines & mobiles.

You can even create a bill payment online through the Virgin Media e-billing portal, which may be located here:

Moving Home
Contact Virgin Media on their dwelling move that is committed helpline 0345 141 0111 to transfer your Virgin Media account to a brand-new address. Alternatively, you can dial ‘ 150‘ from your Virgin Media mobile or landline. You may also be able to transfer your phone number if you are moving to a brand new address.

Visit the Virgin Media website at to assess eligibility for your move, to fill out your transfer details on the web, or for a live chat support with an agent.

Make A Complaint To Virgin Media
To make a complaint to Virgin Media, you can do this via their freephone customer service number on 0800 052 0422. We recommend you make a complaint over the phone and keep a record of the time/date you called and the person you spoke to. However if you want to make a complaint to Virgin Media in writing then you may write to the below address:

  • Complaints – Virgin Media
    PO Box 333
    Matrix Court
    SA7 9ZJ

Virgin Media will try to work out your claim at the initial phase, however, if afterward you feel that your inquiry hasn’t yet been dealt with correctly, you can then escalate your complaint by requesting to speak to a senior manager. If after eight weeks you feel your complaint has nevertheless not been appropriately resolved you can contact the consumer ombudsman for further advice.

11 Responses

  1. mike keown says:

    hi I have trying to call you are wanting some info or you will close my account

  2. john letall says:

    i think you should have a phone number that puts direct to costumer service and not though the spud id press this press that it does people heads in

  3. W HOGGAN says:

    What does it take to get through to someone to talk to I’m paying for reject calls but still receiving them that’s 3. Times tonight already if that’s the case what am I paying for so I want to cancel it for it’s like I’m paying for. Nothing sick of these calls how are they getting my number anyway ? For your not aloud to give it out without my permission please cancel the so called phone bar

  4. r stevens says:

    my phone line is down it says check the line cord.can i have a bit of help please

  5. Hi. I’ll be moving home in early June but unsure of the move date as yet but will notify you in due course. I am considering scraping my landline because I am struggling with the monthly bill and considering only keeping my TV and broadband services and looking into switching to Talk Talk or BT Infinity for a better deal. Is it possible to only have broadband and TV as part of your services, how much notice is needed for installation in my new home and how much notice is needed if I switch to a different TV and broadband supplier. Many thanks


    I have tried ringing 3 times and the people I have spoken to me through to a complaints department that is closed. I think for a company of this size is should have a 24hr dept.
    However the reason I am ringing is that our close has an open plan garden and this has been dug up without our permission as we own the property and our next door neighbours therefore I would like the box taken out and the cable and put on the council side . we do have the deeds of our house to confirm this.##


  7. Michael Cutts says:

    I’ve had my e mail for years but recently it is difficult to log into using my lap top but it’s OK on my phone. Please help

  8. Rosemary Frankish says:

    I am only trying to let you know that a Telephpne Repair man called yesterday at Stockport Road Timperley and left the junction box cover of.
    I reported it right away but no one has been. I just had a telephone call from VM saying to ring Customer Care but I can’t get through. It is doing my head in.

  9. Liz says:

    Blimey. All I wanted to do was signed up but speak to someone first, but it’s impossible to contact them by phone unless you are already a customer. BONKERS.

  10. Frederick McNally says:

    Is it free to add caller I D on my phone?

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