0345 Inclusive Minutes

0345 & Inclusive Minutes
As 0345 are treated just the same as normal geographical telephon enumbers starting 01 or 02 consumbers calling these numbers from mobile phones will wnot incurr addiatioanl charges if they have either pre paid or contractual minutes as part of their mobile agreements.

This means that in most cases calls to 0345 Telephon enumbers will be free of charge, however some mobile companies will charge on a per minute basis for calls that last over 1 hour so it is worth checking the policy of the company taht you are with.

You can find the policy in our Mobile 0345 Costs section or can use the Search

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  1. Imran says:

    I need records of when I was on benefits. How do I attain??

    • 0345 Numbers Admin says:

      You will need to write to the benefit centre and ask for a record of your benefit claims in most areas, however some Jobcentres will do it for you if they are not busy.

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