PIP: Personal Independence Contact Number

In line with many Government Departments, the Personal Independence (PIP) Customer Service line has been moved from an 0845 Number to an 0345 Telephone Number.

This change is in line with recent policy changes around cutting usage costs to benefit claimants when calling to report a change of Circumstances to the Personal Independence (PIP) section or when they simply want to chase the progress of an application.

The new Personal Independence (PIP) Number is 0800 121 4433

It is worth noting that whilst 0345 Numbers are not technically ‘free’ they are treated in the same way as telephone numbers beginning 01 and 02 and as such will be taken from your inclusive minutes if you are calling from a mobile.

More information about out of plan Mobile Call charges to 0345 Telephone Numbers can be found by following the button below

0345 Mobile Costs

43 Responses

  1. Hassan Mualin says:

    Hi my name is hassan mualin i get pip payment I need to now for wan they stop

  2. Lauren says:

    I haven’t been paid yet for my pip it’s hasn’t gone in my bank yet

  3. Sandra says:

    my boyfriend suffers a degenerative condition where he cant do much himself and I do alot for him I.e cooking, cleaning him, and making sure his home is clean and safe (cos hes slowly going blind) and yet his PIP was turned down scoring him zero on everything. he is absolutely devastated. as for me… I’m fuming! These decision makers are arseholes! taking from societies most vulnerable, I do get that there are wrong’uns that take advantage but my fella was told not to worry that he has ALL THE MEDICAL EVIDENCE HE NEEDED.

  4. Bernard Booth says:

    I have misplaced my travel expense claim form envelope for my assessment visit. Please advise the address I send it to.

  5. sharon tocher says:

    had my assessment in early november 2016 was awarded lower rate but still have not recieved anything

  6. sharon tocher says:

    i was awarded lower rate pip was due a back payment december 2016 but did not recieve it
    who do i contact to speak to please

  7. Jennifer says:

    Just spent ages calling up ESA (I need to call up the PIP line too) and they put me through to a trainee who had no f* idea what they were doing. =/

  8. mary says:

    My name is Mary. Defeated by d.w.p and brain tumour .I have no strength to fight for help I need anymore. No hope. Another statistic I am. A mere dustman’s daughter. Tonight I take my life . Constant pain and no mattress ,heating, nothing can be done to better my health. Adrenal insufficiency,thyroid ,kidneys,growth hormone,shutdown . Inoperable ,growing and threatening my eyesight. Four years I’ve pleaded and jumped through your hoops and here I am in extreme discomfort and hardship ,drained . Feel worthless ,hopeless and beat.

    • Rebecca says:

      I hope someone replied to and helped this poor woman. The PIP and ESA process destroys people. It’s evil and disgusting that one of the most powerful and supposedly progressive countries treats their sick and vulnerable this way.

  9. A brown says:

    Standard treatment by the conservative government they do this on a regular basis and must be deliberate.always calls cut of staff putting the phone down etc.you just have to keep trying don’t let them win

  10. Janet says:

    Was wondering how long I have to wait for payment once my pip appeal was granted

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