PIP: Personal Independence Contact Number

In line with many Government Departments, the Personal Independence (PIP) Customer Service line has been moved from an 0845 Number to an 0345 Telephone Number.

This change is in line with recent policy changes around cutting usage costs to benefit claimants when calling to report a change of Circumstances to the Personal Independence (PIP) section or when they simply want to chase the progress of an application.

The new Personal Independence (PIP) Number is 0800 121 4433

It is worth noting that whilst 0345 Numbers are not technically ‘free’ they are treated in the same way as telephone numbers beginning 01 and 02 and as such will be taken from your inclusive minutes if you are calling from a mobile.

More information about out of plan Mobile Call charges to 0345 Telephone Numbers can be found by following the button below

0345 Mobile Costs

43 Responses

  1. mrs enid brown says:

    my son is mentay and phsically disabled would he be entitled to claim this

  2. THOMAS PRICE says:

    I have not been payed since October and why is my money going to be sorted out of pip

  3. Traci says:

    Iam In recipe of pip I was sent a letter asking about circumstances ie if health has worsened got better etc I explain I need support with my paper & I was given another 14 days due to getting support back in to help me fill in my claim I rang pip back and said my new support would be started on 7 December is that to late and then I was given up to Christmas Day I was also told my pip which is due on the 1 of December would still be paid in to my account my pip is normally in my account by 9.30 10 o’clock I have got my son to ring out of hours banking and my pip has not been paid in Iam really panicking and have no money what so ever Iam due to be asses by October 2018?? I have got it in my diary when I made the call which was to say I needed support because my pip was due in to be looked at on the 27 November I was given 2 weeks again & still been told my pip would be still paid into my account and a note was left saying I was being given another 2 weeks then as I explained again my support worker doesn’t start to 7 December and again I was told they would give me up to Christmas Day because I cannot complete the paperwork by myself this was all put on my notes at the pip no money has gone into my account as yet Iam
    Crying and getting very stressed because I cannot cope anymore due to my ill health because it has deteriorated so much Iam so scared that I will be left with no money electricity heating & food over Christmas I was told they would still pay my money in because I have kept pip up to date with the progress ie getting support Iam
    So scared my money should be in my account by now my son has had to do this comment for me…

  4. Debra says:

    How does this work reported a change of circumstances which they tell you to my condition had got worse not better they have now taken my pip off me even though this was awarded for three years

  5. Debra says:

    Reported a change of circumstanes which it tells you to .I had got worse not better .they have now stopped my pip how does this work

  6. Billperry says:

    I know that my previous message was cut short.
    I was about to finish when transmission went down.
    I did not end it so there is only one culprit, and it aint me.

  7. lauren says:

    whats the address pls to send budgetig loan application form

  8. Joanne milsom says:

    Hi my name is Joanne milom and I would like to know if I expect ing a payment comcerning tyle milsom

  9. Have confusion over my payments whn first got it. Say date each month but don’t happen could you tell me August to December payments many thanks

  10. I get pip but gettin confused about payments as whn started letter stated be date of each month . But it changes all time could u tell me August to December due dates asap many thanks

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