Amazon UK Contact Number – Amazon Customer Service

Amazon UK have published their customer service contact phone number which you can now call. Be sure to have your amazon order number, prime number, payment information before calling on hand as you will be asked to verify your details.

Amazon Phone Number:
0800 279 7234

For Amazon Kindle Support:
Freephone (within the UK): 0800 279 7245
International: +44 203 356 6212 – charges may apply

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  1. ANGELA PEARCE says:


  2. R Parsons says:

    When I buy the choice is PRIME free postage & prime benefits Or buy & pay postage. I prefer to pay postage where applicable.Yet I keep getting prime. Such a pain I will avoid Amazon where possible.


    I have spent over an hour trying to tell Amazon that an item listed as “delivered by Amazon” never arrived. Attempts to contact Amazon are dealt with repeated “system error” warnings. How do I get my money back? Is there a campaign group I can join to break up the Amazon monopoly?

  4. DAVID RIDDELL says:

    the delivery man knocked at the door but didn’t give us time to answer it as a result THE ITEM WAS NOT HANDED TO RESIDENT AS STATED

  5. J. Field says:

    I have an Amazon gift card so why is it you take money out of my account and only use part of the gift card, That is an underhand trick to make people keep spending with Amazon

  6. Lawrence Pollard says:

    Been constantly interupted when browsing by your useless advert to win an apple iPhone. It has already cost me one lost bid on e. Bay. It is intrusive, counter-productive, and extremely unwelcome. Please desist immediately.

  7. Beryl Clark says:

    I am having to give up with trying to contact you by email. Why is this so difficult, it’s a service which should be afforded to your customers. I need to make contact over a price and I want to add an attachment which I obviously can’t do here. Could someone please email me so I have an address to reply to and do this.
    My email to :[email protected] was returned to me with no useful advice on how to make contact other than your website.

  8. philip downton says:

    i keep getting asking for code number but as i go to yahoo mail get number go back to you then you say number wrong if im not called on phone i will not use you again name mr philip downton phone number pleasae call now

  9. Jacklyn Spottiswood says:

    I ordered a book which I though was a paperback, only to realise it was for a kindle which I don’t own and do not intend to I could not cancel the order and trying to contact customer services cost me more than the book. Order no. DO1.2706034-2885448. I now have to try to buy the book again as I need it urgently. I am totally fed up.

  10. Judy Lockwood says:

    Order no 20692359871799507 why am l paying post and packing on this order? Havn’t done b4 . It says ” free 1st class delivery” please pass this on to somebody who can help. I have tried everything to get hold of somebody for over an 1hr!! Thank you.

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