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You may use the below number to phone Sky customer service for support, help and any issues you may be having with their services including Sky TV, Sky Q, Broadband, Talk & newly launched mobile service. Sky free help line number is 0800 151 2747 but can also be reached on 0333 759 3788. We have provided both sky customer services and sky contact number for sales below. Sky helpline is available 24×7 to assist you.

0333 759 3788

*Calls to Sky contact centres are inclusive for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers. If you’re not with Sky Mobile or Sky Talk, calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers and are included in your calls package. If you don’t have a calls package, charges may apply so check your provider’s tariff guide.


0800 151 2747


Contact Sky – 0800 151 2747

You can contact Sky by phoning Sky Customer Services on free phone number 0800 151 2747 which is free from both landline and mobiles. The sky phone number is free to call from landline and mobiles.

If you are looking to Contact Sky in a specific department you may use the numbers listed below in regards to your Sky services such as for example your Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Talk, Sky Mobile.  Here you will find all the Sky’s phone numbers to directly connect you to a Sky customer service advisor helping you in all departments from downgrading/upgrading/cancelling your Sky services to help with your Sky Q box or engineer installation updates and changing planned engineer dates.

However if you are still not sure which Sky customer service department you should be connecting to then you can use the free phone number to contact Sky on 0800 151 2747.

Calls to Sky are inclusive for Sky Talk and Sky Mobile customers. However if you do not have either then calls will be charged at the same rate as 01, 02 and 03 numbers so if you have free inclusive minutes on landline & mobile then there would be no charge or else it would be charged at your standard local rate.

Sky TV Contact Numbers

If you’d like to sign up to Sky TV or have any issues with your Sky TV services whether that may be a issue with your satellite dish, Sky HD box or Sky Q box then you can contact Sky on 0330 0413 000 for customer service. This number can also be used for upgrading your Sky TV package and rearranging your Sky Engineer appointment.

Sky Broadband Contact Numbers

You can contact Sky Broadband for any issues you may have regarding your Sky ADSL or Fibre Broadband on 0330 0413 000. Sky Customer Service will be able to assist with any issues you have with your Sky Q Hub or Sky Broadband connection directly.

Sky Moving Home

If you are moving home and are in contract with Sky or you need to notify them of cancellation then you should contact Sky on 03300 413 000.

Sky Complaints

To make a complaint to Sky regarding any issues you may have, you can call 03300 413 000. They will also give you a reference which you should note down for future reference. Alternatively, if you wish to write into Sky to make a complaint you can do so at the below address:

  • Customer Complaints
    Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
    PO Box 43
    West Lothian
    EH54 7DD

Sky Login

To login to your Sky ID you can do so here: from here you will be able to manage your Sky account and see your latest bills & payments, see engineer appointments and reschedule where required and also track progress of any new orders.

Sky Help

You can find a wide range of guides on Sky Help, from here you will find a lot of answers to your questions from getting started with your shiny new Sky Q box to managing your account online.

77 Responses

  1. Its discusting having to wait 30mins to speak to someone.. Im switching to virgin.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Can sky give me a call asap about my broadband thanks

  3. Alison MacLeod says:

    I phoned sky TV this morning,and I am not very happy,I was put through to three people to talk to ,the last person l spoke to I was very unhappy with,all I wanted was to see if I could Ave any offers on my sky sports the third person I spoke to said to me I had already an offer on it and what other offer I was looking for !I wasn’t looking for any other offer it’s just the second person I spoke to put me on to someone else now I’m thinking of leaving sky TV after 16 years

  4. Scottgrant says:

    What a joke of a service ….called the so called the free phone …been listening to it for 45 mins now …. Got fed up for a rated phone number and was picked up after 2 mins …. Scamming cunts can’t wait to leave them ?????

  5. Ian Dallas says:

    We have an account with sky! A person rang this am and said he was from ‘Openreach’ he wanted an appointment to come to our property to change a part that would make the broadband faster and he said he may change the Reuter! He went on to say it would cost us so much and we would get it back!! I queried this with him and asked for an official letter but he immediately put the phone down on me!! We were off the broadband in this area a few weeks ago so we thought it was related to that problem but realised this was a Scam!!! Just to let you know about this because people may take this up!

  6. clive pritchard says:

    found out i have been billed for sky multi room for over 13 months after cancelling to be told it as to be account holder even though i have permission from my wife on the account. then get billed for £240 for next month even though we dont want it no wonder everyone is trying to leave

  7. Dick Turpin/Robin Hood says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggghhhhhhhhh…. Aaaaaaagghhhhhhhh….
    Someone please please compete with Sky,who finds it acceptable to p… Off all its custom with a terrible customer service. I suggest a co-op buy out? I have soon much time on my hands that it is now my mission in life to create a consumer focussed, non monopolised, 21st century world competing satellite television company. Watch u tube for the vlog and join me to fight back against the Sky directorship. Sky your bubble is about to burst!

  8. Lin osborne says:

    I’m trying to speak to customer services about my brothers sky box. Can’t get through

  9. Carolyn Heron says:

    Why is my bill dearer than expected. And if the offer i was on has ended. Then I expect to be notified and told of new charges. I have not given permission for you take out monies other than the agreed amount at the time of taking out my contract with you. Please contact me to discuss this matter . As I am not happy and am considering cancelling .

  10. D booth says:

    We have spent 4 hours now trying g to speak to a human being- remember what one of those is -our sky thAt we pay extortionate rates for is not working- suddenly has unauthorised card message we cannot rectify ourselves – where do we go from here?????+??

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