Budgeting Loan Number

Use the number below to contact Jobcentre Plus regarding social fund and budgeting loan.

Budgeting Loan Number

What is Social FundThere are a number of Social Fund Loans and Grants available. These are specified below. To find out more information about what they can be used for, the eligibility requirements etc – click on the associated hyperlinks.
What is a Budgeting Loan?(Form SF500)An interest free loan available to assist people to help spread the cost of one-off expenses over a longer period.To find out more, click on the hyperlink below.

Budgeting Loan

What is a Cold Weather Payment?(Paid automatically)
  • Intended to help towards extra heating costs during “very cold weather”.
  • An amount is paid each week during “very cold weather”.
  • It does not need to be paid back and does not affect any other benefit.
  • Housing and heating costs
What is a Funeral Payment?(Form SF200)
  • A payment to help with the cost of a Funeral if you are on a low income.
  • It is recoverable from any money available in the Deceased’s Estate.
  • It is claimed on a Funeral Payment Form (SF 200) within 3 months of the date of the Funeral.
What is a Sure Start Maternity Grant?(Form SF100)
  • Intended to help pay for the immediate needs of your new born/ adopted baby/surrogate birth if your income is low.
  • It is a lump sum and you do not have to pay it back.
  • It is paid for each child in multiple births.
  • Offer leaflet
Social FundReview Process
  • If the customer is unhappy with the original decision they can request an in-house review which is carried out by the Social Fund Review Officer within the Jobcentre Plus/Social Security Office.
  • If the customer is unhappy with the review decision, they can request a further review with a Social Fund Inspector (this is only available after an in-house review has taken place). This is an independent review.


Budgeting Loan Contact Number

To make a budgeting loan claim you must contact the Jobcentre on 08001690140. If you have a general enquiry you contact the national budgeting loans helpline phone number on 08001690140.

Budgeting Loan Decision Complaint

If you feel you have been wrongly declined for a budgeting loan or wish to make a complaint you can do so over the phone by calling Jobcentre Plus on 0345 603 6967.  In addition you should make a official complaint the independent case examiner with your appeal in writing to the below postal address:

  • The Independent Case Examiner

    PO Box 209
    L20 7WA
    United Kingdom

Contact your Local Jobcentre Plus

Even though you can call the national Jobcentre Plus contact number on 0345 603 6967 to apply for a budgeting loan, you may be able to get one quicker by visiting your local Jobecntre Plus, you can find your local office using: http://los.direct.gov.uk.

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  1. Leanne finn says:

    How do u get a cold weather payments

  2. Muna hussain says:

    I want for social found form

  3. lee johnson says:

    If my ex an I applied for a loan and split as it was paid. Is the debt split . Does she have to give me half . Or can I apply for 1 of my own. Claim was in her name and I was on her claim. She signed for the loan

    • 0345 Numbers Admin says:

      Hi Lee,

      No the payment is not split- it is paid to the household via the nominated account. The debt is not split, so your EX will need to repay it. You could apply for one, however you would need to be on benefits for 26 weeks before you would get one.

    • who ever applied for the loan mate has to pay it back, I had this same problem, we shared the money but as we split I had to pay it all back as I was the main applicant, it’s wrong but that’s how it goes mate and you have to be claiming on your own for 6 months before you can reply for one in your name, hope this helps u ??

  4. aq says:

    wots the budget loan number socil fund

  5. joyce braithwaite says:

    I’m looking for a loan which you don’t have to pay back from the dhss could you help me please

  6. abida says:

    hi, I am in low income now. I was homeless with my husband and one year old daughter. now the council gave me 1 bedroom flat for temporary accommodation. but there is no furniture in the temporary house. is there any fund which I can apply for furniture ? I can’t buy the furnitures myself. because I have limited income. thanks

  7. Kelly cooper says:

    Is there any same day payments from social fund cause lost my purse so no money and my family r in Cyprus so no help also I’m 28 weeks pregnant

  8. Allan Jackson says:

    How soon can someone get crisis loan. Same day

  9. Roeill Bibi says:

    I would like a form for social fund please

  10. chris says:

    Looking for a free number to social fund

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