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Throughout our comments sections people are asking if it is possible to contact benefit sections like jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support allowance and Income support at the DWP by email.

The answer is Yes and No…. the DWP do not offer claimants the option of corresponding by email at the moment however it is possible to send a direct email to the manager of the Benefit Centre dealing with your application.

Sending and email to the benefit Centre manager is a sure way of getting a complaint listened to!

The DWP use a standard method of assigning email addresses to staff and as such if you know the first and 2nd name of a member of staff you can send them and email directly!

Please note that they are very unlikely to respond by email due to the data protection act but if you include your telephone number or enough information about your complaint to enable them to investigate and call you back then we have found that they will.

All DWP email address end with: and start with the 1st name then a ( . ) and the surname of the officer. As an example a manager called John Smith will have the email address [email protected].

So all you have to do is look at one of the letters sent to you by either the jobcentre or benefit section dealing with your claim and find the 1st named officer to guess an email address that will get you through.

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  1. Thomas allan says:

    Can u please send me the address to send my sick note to please and do a nd a stamp I am on ESA

    • admin says:

      It needs to go to the benefit centre dealing with your claim, the address should be on any ESA letter you’ve had recently regarding your claim.

  2. Richard Hill says:

    not one of your options work thanks for wasting an hour of the little time i have to stop an illegally obtained liability order

  3. Sorry for your situation,all I could recommend is local church they help more with food banks clothes and luck

  4. I’ve been on my friends phone for 32 mins . I am. Homeless and had my esa stopped due to a clerical error on their part what the hell is going on with this useless system ,it was created to help people like me and just doesn’t

  5. Cheryl Commodore says:

    I have been waiting since August/September 2016 to hear about backdated payment that I put an appeal in for. Every time I ring up the operators can’t see anything logged down. I have had no letter, phone call, text etc and this is way too long. A form came with a few lines about an ESA 3 and that I had changed ESA types and I was a IBR migration case. No idea what all this meant. It had the name of M Clyne and the office was Hackney and was dated 19 Oct 2016 and we are a month on and I have heard nothing more. Can someone sort this out asap and get back to me. This is way overdue.

  6. Sara king says:

    I have not received my ESA this week it was due in my bank on Tuesday 18th October 2016.
    I have not got funds to purchase weekly gas or electric supply. This is now an Urgent matter.

    Please can I be directed to a department that can assist.
    Thank you.

  7. What is the email address fir dwp when esa has been stopped?

  8. bethany taylor says:


    I would like to know where I send my sick note for my ESA claim? It is not new claim and I am worried it will be canceled if I send it soon. I live in brentwood essex and can’t seem to find where to send it without waiting on phone for hours for them to tell me and have no credit or money to call.

    Thank you

    • Miss Lizzy Barry says:

      Take it to your local job centre and ask them to fax it over to ESA, they’ll take your details and your fit note and usually get it faxed over within an hour (in my experience). I’ve had to do this several times now as they all seem to “get lost” in their incoming mail room (I posted signed for/tracked, they make it there but never make it to my case file).

      Seems like there’s stricter protocols in place for internal faxing – fingers x’d it’s always worked.

  9. David says:

    I would like cancelled my ” Income Support ” because I waiting too long for benefits and already got claimed for jobseeker. They told me that I have to call to ESA number 0345.. and cancel Income Support, then I can get benefits from jobseeker.
    But I have no credits for call.
    Is some free number phone?

  10. Meryl macdiarmid says:

    I am checking on a payment certificate sent to you five weeks ago mr meryl macdiarmid date of birth 07/10/1975 national insurance number JC737892A i have been very unwell sent my certificate to you five weeks ago i had to have three blood transfusions still under st peters hospital have had no payment from esa or any correspondence from you can you please give me an update thankyou mr m macdiarmid. This is my mothers email address as i have no email account .

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