JobSeekers Allowance (JSA) Contact Number Free 0345

Today we can confirm that JobSeekers Allowance | JSA have officially adopted 0345 telephone numbers for their customer service networks.

FREE JobSeekers Allowance | JSA CONTACT NUMBER 0345 608 8545

This is great news as it means that customers who want to contact JobSeekers Allowance | JSA to check on a benefit applications, notify a change of address, complain or who need general advice won’t be charged for calls from BT Landlines and will be able to use inclusive Mobile minutes without incurring any additional costs.

Whilst the 0845 telephone numbers do remain operational, JobSeekers Allowance | JSA have started taking steps to change all official correspondence so that they reflect the new and potentially cheaper 0345 telephone service.

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  1. Tade says:

    I would like to have a copy of my P60 for 2014/15. How do I go about this?

  2. Deesha Shibnauth says:

    I keep on calling during the day to inform that I found a job and I need to close my account but I’m always just waiting on the line, which I’m being charged for for talking to no one and receiving no help.
    When I call after work I’m still in the line for more than 30 minutes, which makes it past 6pm when all lines are closed. How am I supposed to inform you people about my situation. You might later blame me afterwards.

  3. My old man's a dustman says:

    Easier to go to the jobcentre and speak face-to-face.
    People are friendlier and it’s often quicker and less frustrating – plus you get to check the job boards

  4. michelle callis says:

    this 0345 608 8545 number is awful. Every time i make an enquiry about jobseekers allowance, it tells me to make a claim online or phone 0800 055 66 88 to claim.. then the machine cuts me off. I have tried to get a person to talk to me 5 times on the 0345 line and whatever message I say to the machine, it still does not get me through to someone and ends up cutting me off.! why cant i get advise without applying? suppose i want to know rules eg, can a jobseeker refuse to take a job that is more than 25 hours a week, if they have caring responsibilities ? the people who take initial applications for jobseekers, do not know the answers to my questions. so how do i make benefit enquiries?

  5. Julie bagshaw says:

    Can you please give me the number to telephone to get a letter to say when I was claiming JSA. I have been on the phone for 2 hours the last few nights on hold and not got any further. Thankyou

  6. Stephen says:

    If i put a claim on the 27 feb why v i got 93 pound

  7. martyn jago says:

    I am currently on ESA but want to transfer to JSA but you cannot do it online , what is the phone number to get in touch with for the appropriate action.

  8. ilze says:

    Hello i get mesege.We confirm that your JSA claim is now closed. Any payment due will be paid into your account on 20/02/2017. what to do i still not get nothing?

  9. Martin Whittaker says:

    Have rang the benefits enquiry line 3 times this week and had to be holding on for upto 20 mins each time. Still not rectified the problem with payment, getting really cheesed off at all this needless effort to sort out a payment!! Should be a better system or at least more advisors to talk to!!

  10. Tracy says:

    how do I get a statement of JSA that I was paid whilst unemployed as I need to proof & to check it for HRMC tax purposes.

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