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Throughout our comments sections people are asking if it is possible to contact benefit sections like jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support allowance and Income support at the DWP by email.

The answer is Yes and No…. the DWP do not offer claimants the option of corresponding by email at the moment however it is possible to send a direct email to the manager of the Benefit Centre dealing with your application.

Sending and email to the benefit Centre manager is a sure way of getting a complaint listened to!

The DWP use a standard method of assigning email addresses to staff and as such if you know the first and 2nd name of a member of staff you can send them and email directly!

Please note that they are very unlikely to respond by email due to the data protection act but if you include your telephone number or enough information about your complaint to enable them to investigate and call you back then we have found that they will.

All DWP email address end with: and start with the 1st name then a ( . ) and the surname of the officer. As an example a manager called John Smith will have the email address [email protected]

So all you have to do is look at one of the letters sent to you by either the jobcentre or benefit section dealing with your claim and find the 1st named officer to guess an email address that will get you through.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I’m still waiting to be spoken to on the phone 1 hour and 16 minutes is unacceptable I mean I know you guys are lazy in your jobs but this takes the mick really you are all useless aren’t you really

  2. Agen Maxbet says:

    It’s an remarkable paragraph in favor of all the
    internet people; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

  3. Vivien Jean Hatfield says:

    Waste of time ringing need to get up to date letter waited 2 hours Friday didn’t get answer an am now sat trying to get through again just need someone to email my son up to date my claims need to have as trying to get new property on Wednesday so need an Email from WAS stating my benefit

  4. Arthur says:

    hi wish too know if you recieved the form i sent to you last week thanks

  5. Andrew says:

    I have sent for a form to go on esa support group as im on esa work related group and finding it difficult to go on certain places they are asking me too as I have depression and social anxiety. I received for that I requested but it says I need to send in by 12 December,. But I have recently read that esa work related is now (from 2017) only £73 basically same as job seekers I belive, well I receive more because my original claim was about 4 years ago when it was more. So im now scared if they put me back on this if I cant go on the support esa I will lose money, but if I change my mind and not send form in they can stop money they never told me this

  6. Sonia says:

    I recently posted my information not knowing it would post can it be removed please

  7. casey samways says:

    I am a student social worker needing to know the benefits a service user I am working with receives to apply for housing applications as he is due to be homeless

  8. Anon says:

    Universal Credit – A product ‘ideology’ of vile nefarious characters with absolutely no mandate to govern the UK (The Tory filth carry at best 25% of the electorate using an outdated parliamentary system of ‘so called democracy’ – corrupt and rigged).
    Perpetual Tory rule aided by paramilitaries?
    Down with the corrupt UK Establishment!

  9. graham barker says:

    iam just wondering how to contact you for a clam form for2011 to 2015

  10. Glenn Tomblin says:

    I was told at 1209 my fit for work cert has been found how long will it take to pay my benefits in account as I should have had this this morning

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