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Throughout our comments sections people are asking if it is possible to contact benefit sections like jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support allowance and Income support at the DWP by email.

The answer is Yes and No…. the DWP do not offer claimants the option of corresponding by email at the moment however it is possible to send a direct email to the manager of the Benefit Centre dealing with your application.


Sending and email to the benefit Centre manager is a sure way of getting a complaint listened to!

The DWP use a standard method of assigning email addresses to staff and as such if you know the first and 2nd name of a member of staff you can send them and email directly!

Please note that they are very unlikely to respond by email due to the data protection act but if you include your telephone number or enough information about your complaint to enable them to investigate and call you back then we have found that they will.

All DWP email address end with: and start with the 1st name then a ( . ) and the surname of the officer. As an example a manager called John Smith will have the email address [email protected]

So all you have to do is look at one of the letters sent to you by either the jobcentre or benefit section dealing with your claim and find the 1st named officer to guess an email address that will get you through.

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  1. Kate Douglas says:

    I think I’ve missed payments. I was on incapacity benefit. Then I was put on PIP Enhanced rate everything. My disabilities have got worse and yet they put me down to standard ???? How does that work ? DWP are getting worse by the day. And Universal Credit OMG ridiculous. So how do I find out if I’m due money ?.

  2. Jan Janos says:

    A client I am supporting was not paid all her ESA and is struggling financially

  3. Andrew Halkett says:

    Who do I email about are budgeting loan as I have a job now and I need to pay back what am due

  4. can you please tell me how i go about getting results from atos how many ppoints scored

  5. steven benson says:

    how do I go about asking dwp for esa points on atos intervew

  6. Tracey rea says:

    I’m in receipt of esa and pt work. I’m being bullied at work and will be going to see my doctor. It’s making me ill. Will I be able to get paid from work? Can I go on long term sick. Please help

  7. Carol MacDonald says:

    How do I contact dwp to change my bank details I have rang and rang all different time of day ie 8am was on hold for almost an hour then got cut off tried at 5pm was still on hold at 6.03pm its a joke I am disabled lady and cant get out phoning is my only option been trying since Monday have clocked up £32 on my phone bill and still not been able to contact them

  8. melanie parker says:

    i need to get my benefit letter so i can show the housing benefit office asap how do i go about it

  9. Katie says:

    Hi I’ve applied for a budget loan signed decoration back when wil! I revive the payment sent it back last wednesday

  10. Vincent feneck says:

    Am still waiting for my arrears,been told that they would go in on the 6th of this month.

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